Jungle Book was to be the third animated feature film on which Bill Peet would be the only storyman. He did all the story boards and more for both 101 Dalmatians and The Sword in the Stone.


In his autobiography Bill writes "With such a wealth of characters to develop, sketching the boards was a picnic. There was Mowgli, the fearless waif of a jungle boy, Bagheera, a serious minded panther, and Baloo, the big playful buffoon of a bear. There was Kaa, the sneaky, sly python, and Hathi, the bull elephant who didn't trust the man cub of any of his kind. There were a number of villainous characters in the story, but the scheming, powerful Bengal tiger, Shere Khan, as by far the most threatening"

  Bill completed seven storyboards for Jungle Book and came up with the idea for the song "Bear Necessities". Walt was initially very pleased with Bill's work, but for no apparent reason became very critical. Bill didn't give Walt a chance to kick him downstairs again; he quit. At that time he had five books in print and he devoted full time to writing more books.
In 2007, Walt Disney Studios released a 2-DiscDVD 40th Anniversary Edition of the Jungle Book with additional information about Bill Peet's role in the making of the film.