"To me those giant engines were by far the greatest things on wheels, marvelous huffing, puffing, steaming works of art."

From Bill Peet's autobiography.

Above: Illustration from "The Caboose who got Loose". Original was strolen.

Bill Peet wrote and illustrated two books about trains, Smokey and The Caboose Who Got Loose.

Trains were also part of Pamela Camel, Luckiest One of All, Farewell to Shady Glade, and Chester the Worldly Pig.

Above: Reference photos for book illustrations.
Above, an old locomotive in a scrap yard.
Above: Bill Peet (left), his sons Steve, Bill Jr. and John Kimball (Ward's son).

Above: From his autobiography, an illustration of one of his first memories in 1918.

Above: Sketches made in railroad yard for reference.

Above: Small oil sketch made as a plan for a larger painting he never made.